M/M/1:(infinite,FIFO) related question. Queuing Therory Model 3

From QT -> Queuing Systems chapter in PU/ Probability and Queuing Theory

Asked by Bibek Bhujel on 24 Dec, 2020

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Q. Patients arrive at a clinic according to a Poisson distribution at the rate if 30 patients per hour. The waiting room does not accomodate more than 14 patients. Examination time per patient is exponential with mean rate of 20 per hour. Thus λ = 30/60,  μ= 20/60 and N=14. Find all the operating characterisics for the queueing system.



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Dear Arjun,

Thanks for your query. Exactly, the solution is that you have provided in book's example, but only the difference is maximum accommodation capacity. Here, in our case the waiting room capacity is given as N=14, so k would be k=N+1=15. Others are same. 

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arjun adhikari on 26 Dec, 2020 Like 1 Dislike

I found a similar example here.
Hope this helps 


Example Question



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