Use run test to determine deviation of weights from randomness

From Probability Concepts and Random Number Generation chapter in PU/ Simulation and Modelling

Asked on 13 Apr, 2022

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A quality control chart has been maintained for the weights of paint
cans taken from a conveyor belt at a fixed point in a production line.
Sixteen (16) weights obtained today, in order of time, are as follows:

68.2  71.6  69.3  71.6  70.4  65.0  63.6  64.7  65.3 64.2  67.6 68.6 66.8 68.9 66.8 70.1

Use the run test, at approximately a 0.015 level, to determine whether the
weights of the paint cans on the conveyor belt deviate from
randomness.[Given: Z0.025=1.961

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